What We Do

Ever wonder about what makes 5-pin bowling work in Thunder Bay? Well, it's us!

We are a group of like-minded bowlers, just like you, who look after the 5-pin bowling community in Thunder Bay!

We are responsible for:

  • Hosting all zone tournaments that you and your friends come out to (POA, High-Low Doubles, League Executive, Open, and Youth Challenge)
  • Managing all interactions between Thunder Bay and the other 5-pin bowling bodies (mainly between Thunder Bay and the Northern Ontario 5-Pin Bowlers' Association)
  • Hosting provincial tournaments when it is our turn
  • Certifying all 5-pin lanes in Thunder Bay and area to ensure they are within tolerances according to the Canadian 5-Pin Bowlers' Association specifications
  • Too many other things to list here!

And of course, 5-pin bowling wouldn't be the way it is in Thunder Bay without your dedicated, hard-working executive.